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I would love to partner with you to share dozens of dating insights and to reach your relationship goals! In the meantime, here are my 3 favorite dating tips that you can apply immediately to your life! Wishing you incredible success!


Instead of trying to find ways to get a man to like you, why not just date someone who likes you!


If you search for articles on the internet that describe the top ways to get a man to fall in love, you would not believe the endless lists that can be thrown out the window by simply dating someone who already appreciates you!


"Why didn't he answer my text?"


The answer is almost always: He's just not that interested! Occasionally, there are unusual circumstances why a guy or anyone for that matter would ignore a text, but unfortunately the vast majority of the time it’s because it’s not a match. Next! The best way to get over someone is to meet someone better!


There’s a reason why rules exist 


Yes, there will always be that exception when that guy who broke it off got back together for a happy marriage. Yes, there will always be that girl who chased the guy endlessly until he finally asked her out. Those are called exceptions to the rule. A woman shouldn’t maintain the false belief that because an impossible situation worked out for a friend, that it will work out for her. Aim for a pleasant relationship, not a stressful one!


Annie Chana

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