• Annie Newman

How to make anyone feel at ease on a first date

You have a first date coming up with someone new this week and it may or may not be a blind date. You could’ve already met somewhere and the person asked you out on a date, or you were set up by someone else. You may have even communicated online and are now ready to meet in person. What can be more nerve-racking than a first date? Aside from wanting to make a good first impression and to want to like the person you meet in return, you may also secretly wonder if this will finally be your last first date ever! That is enough to make even the most confident daters out there at least a little nervous! So what can be done to make yourself and any person you meet feel at ease?

The way to make any person feel comfortable and at ease on a first date, whether you like each other or realize almost instantly that argh, it’s not a match, is a very simple yet forgotten little technique that is naturally the best way to feel a sense of serenity on a date: SMILE. Yes, it is as simple as that. No need for deep and exciting conversations, no pressure to be the best, no instant discoveries of all that you need to know about each other, no decision if this is the right one or not, no concern if there will be a second date. Leave all of these concerns behind and give your date a smile to make them feel that you enjoy their presence, approve of them and are in a good disposition. Smile even if you don’t intend to ever see this person ever again. You have nothing to lose because your friendly demeanor will either bring both of you to a second date with potential for a wonderful relationship or it will be a pleasant evening to remember instead of a traumatizing experience even if you know that it was only meant to be a one- time meeting.

Some day soon, when you will be with the right person, you will look back at the past and think of all those dates that didn’t work out but you can proudly say with relief that you still had a good and enjoyable time meeting new people even it was not meant to last. It will certainly be better than all the negative dating stories out there that I am sure each and every one of us can write a book about!


Annie Chana Newman

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