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If he takes forever to answer your text, celebrate!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Did you ever find yourself in a relationship with someone who was sending you mixed messages? You weren't sure if they were interested because sometimes they seemed to give you a lot of attention while at other times they acted cold and distant.

Some people have no problem being straightforward and just letting their date know that they don't see the person as a match. Others don't want to hurt anyone's feelings so they keep answering the other person's messages or accepting date invitations to give it another try even if they don't see long term possibilities. Or, they think maybe the other person will understand that by acting distant, they will realize that they are only friends.

Those people are the most difficult to deal with because it's not always obvious that they are trying to break it off so you keep chasing after them thinking there is a future with them.

When a person takes forever to answer a text, and by forever we don't mean 20 minutes, it's actually a blessing! It gives a clear signal that they are not really interested or invested in the relationship and gives you the freedom to liberate your time and dedicate it to meet someone who will be a better fit.

Then you have people who don't answer texts altogether. Why? The answer is almost always: They are just not that interested! Occasionally, there are unusual circumstances why a guy or anyone for that matter would ignore a text, but unfortunately the vast majority of the time it’s because it’s not a match. Continuing interactions with these people can be exhausting and usually won't be fruitful. Their lack of answering is an even greater blessing than those who are slow to answer because they make it even clearer that it's time to move on.

So if you find yourself with a date who is slow to answer on a regular basis or seems to have disappeared altogether, it is normal to feel disappointed but be happy and celebrate that you won't need to waste any more time figuring out if it's a match. Next! The best way to get over someone is to meet someone better!


Annie Chana Newman

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