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Date someone who likes you!

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

You just went on your 4th date with someone and you feel like their level of interest is not as high as you'd wish. They call you or text you but not in a consistent way. You decide it's time to find ways to impress your date as soon as possible so that you can enter a successful relationship with that person.

You make sure that your texts show just the right level of interest and you try not to sound pushy. You make sure your conversations stay as interesting as possible. You post pictures on social media of your recent trip or outing with your friends so that he can see just how much fun you are! You wear your best outfits and makeup and maybe even start a diet. You do everything you can to make him realize that you are so perfect for each other.

You are now entering the 3rd month of a relationship with that person and now you want to take things further and get that person to fall in love with you. After all, they are so amazing, you don't want to lose them and are willing to go the extra mile to try everything you can to get them to choose you.

You search for articles on the internet that describe the top ways to get a man to fall in love. You find endless lists that detail how men think and what makes men see one woman as long term material and not another. These lists include how to use your feminine powers and energy to add magic to the relationship. These countless pages of information on how to get a man to like you can be thrown out the window by simply dating someone who already appreciates you!

If you find yourself dating someone whose interest seems shaky and is acting hot and cold all the time, it's best to save time and energy and move on to meeting someone who likes you and shows a deeper interest!

Of course in the long run a good marriage will entail both partners to always care and strive to be their best. There is nothing wrong with wanting to let our qualities shine, this is actually a great thing as long as the other person recognizes and appreciates it! If you are trying to be your best for someone who cares deeply about you, you will only feel satisfaction from the appreciation they will reciprocate. But, if you are constantly trying to convince someone to finally acknowledge and appreciate you then it's time to realize that you are better off with a partner who doesn't take you for granted.

After all, you're a great catch and if the other person doesn't see it, then stop trying to demonstrate it and wish them luck trying to find someone as amazing as you! Instead of trying to find ways for him to like you, just date someone who likes you!


Annie Chana Newman

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