• Annie Newman

It doesn't matter how you meet the one

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

We met on an evening flight to Paris. We dated for 2 months and broke it off. We met online on a Tuesday afternoon after I ignored his first message. We got married 7 months later. Which of these two scenarios seems more appealing to tell your friends?

It’s more helpful to take actions to meet the right person than to fantasize about how romantic it has to be. It’s more crucial to analyze if a match has your shared values than to analyze signs of how the way you met was so meant to be. After all, we are meant to meet every person we ever meet in our life, it doesn’t mean we marry them all!

Online dating might not be the most appealing, but not being romantic shouldn’t be one of the reasons! So get out there and keep doing the activities you love or join any dignified dating site that you want, because when you will be in the presence of the one you were looking for, you’ll be too happy to remember how (un)romantic your meeting was!


Annie Chana Newman

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