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Only went on a few dates the entire year? Be proud!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Unless there is an aspect of your dating game that needs improvement and is blocking your match opportunities, you should be proud to celebrate how few dates you went on this year. Why? Because you finally learned the greatness of the process of elimination. Dating anyone and everyone who shows interest in person or online to meet you for a date will only exhaust you and discourage you. You thought you were opening the doors and increasing your chances of meeting the one by accepting so many date offers by so many different people, hoping one of them was the right one.

It is better to date fewer people that meet your desired shared values than to give a chance to too many options thinking that if you never say no to anyone, you're doing the right thing because you never really know who will be the "one."

There is no point to go out with people that have demonstrated that they are not a match even before the first date. It might seem nice to give them a chance but over time, it will affect your morale and make you dislike the dating process.

It is better to go on 5 dates a year with 5 matches that you know can have real potential to work out on the long term than to go on 25 dates with people that you knew in advance were most probably not meeting your requirements for a fulfilling relationship.

So next time you feel a little disappointed by how many dates you've had recently, remember that quality always beats quantity!


Annie Chana Newman

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