• Annie Newman

Playing hard to get won't work!

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Does she like me or not? Dating can be complicated enough that more confusion is not necessary! Some people think that playing hard to get will get a potential match to be more interested in them. In reality, waiting hours on end or even days to answer someone's message in an era when people are known to have their phone nearby almost all the time, will only create more resentment in a partner.

True, you don't need to tell him you love him on the second date, but you don't need to hide your interest either! As a matter of fact, most people like others who like them in return! Not those who ignore them or give them the cold shoulder! Playing hard to get makes a person seem uninterested and cold, and will not lead to a partner liking them more. It might trigger a temporary curiosity as to why they suddenly seem so busy or less interested, it might even make them appreciate or miss them a little more, but it will certainly not convince them to continue dating someone they think is not a right fit.

If indeed someone becomes more interested by their partner ignoring them or seeming unavailable, it will only be a temporary excitement that will disappear as soon as their interest becomes obvious again. It's better to show someone your interest and see if they want to pursue it or not, instead of confusing them and turning on their defenses to cold behavior. So on your next date, admit that you had a good time and you'll know that if there is no call back-it won't be because you didn't show enough interest. But there will be a call back....because you're awesome!


Annie Chana Newman

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