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Rules are meant to be broken. Not this one

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Imagine a world where there were no laws and everyone was free to do whatever they'd like. At first, it might seem pretty awesome to have such freedom but in reality, it would cause a lot of problems.

In the world of dating, there are a few aspects that are not considered official rules, but are usually the accepted norm. For example, as much as you would love to propose to your boyfriend, you know that usually it's the man who asks the woman to marry him. You would love to ask that cute guy out at the party you're attending, but you know in your heart that it's often the guy who asks for the phone number. Now, if you were to break these type of dating norms, it wouldn't be such a dramatic thing.

On the other hand, certain unwritten rules of dating are usually better off not broken. For example, if someone breaks up with you, unless you did or said something deeply concerning, usually it's best not to try to revive the relationship. That person most probably gave it some thought and didn't see themselves moving forward because it's not a match. Another example is that if someone doesn't share your values, it probably isn't worth the time hoping they will suddenly change just to please you. Or, if a woman shows a lot of interest to a man and he doesn't reciprocate that interest, chances are he's not shy or busy, he's probably not that interested.

Yes, there will always be that exception when that guy who broke it off got back together for a happy marriage. Yes, there will always be that girl who chased the guy endlessly until he finally asked her out. Those are called exceptions to the rule. A woman shouldn’t maintain the false belief that because an impossible situation worked out for a friend, that it will work out for her. Aim for a pleasant relationship, not a stressful one!

You are totally allowed to break all the unwritten dating rules that you want, but don't forget that rules are there for a reason! One rule that you should always remember before going out on a date is that you're absolutely awesome and your date is lucky to meet you!


Annie Chana Newman

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