• Annie Newman

Staying in a dead-end relationship is like refusing to leave the casino!

You just spent 2 hours at a casino and lost $100. You figure that you already lost that money so you might as well spend another $50 to try to make up your loss. Then you're definitely leaving the building. You lose the $50 and now you have $150 to make up so you decide to spend just another $20. Before you know it, you spent way too much time in the casino and took a bigger loss than you expected. But, you finally left. Worse than this, you returned the following weekend to make up last week's losses.

Dating a person that sends clear and definite signals that there is no true future for the relationship and continuing to stay with the hope that it will improve is similar to trying to cut losses at the casino. You already dated for 10 months so you figure maybe if you stay an extra 2 months he will finally commit to you. You already invested 2 years in a relationship so you might as well try until your birthday to see if he will finally propose.

Wanting to make up lost money or lost time is very normal and sometimes cutting our losses is just too overwhelming. But better not waste one single extra dollar or in this case something much more valuable-one more day in your life, trying to build a relationship that you are certain will not be for a lifetime. So try and accept this challenge and move on to build a lasting relationship that will be so amazing that you will be thankful that you didn't stick around any longer with anyone else!


Annie Chana Newman

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