• Annie Newman

There is only one way to get over your ex

He broke up with you or you had no choice but to end the relationship. He treated you well or maybe he didn’t. You dated briefly or for a very long time. It doesn’t matter, you miss your ex so much. You check out his social media or ask your friends what he is up to these days. Every time you pass by a place where you spent time together, you feel a certain sadness. You can't even listen to the radio because certain songs just remind you too much of your break up. You feel like you may never meet someone that you will like as much as him.

You look up online ways to get over your ex and find countless articles, even entire books written on the topic. Some of them even describe how to get your ex back.

The endless lists include: take a trip with your girlfriends or stay at home and relax. Eat all the ice cream and chocolate you want or lose 10 pounds to feel good. Get a makeover or write a list of all your great qualities to gain confidence. Contact your ex or do the no contact rule. Get out and date again or take a break from dating. Let yourself cry it out or go to a comedy show to cheer yourself up. Write a list of everything you disliked about your ex or write them a letter that you’ll never send. The lists go on.

All these methods might be a distraction or help you to a certain degree but you can still find yourself missing your ex. 

Let me save you a lot of time and maybe even money. The only way to fully and permanently get over an ex that you just can’t get over is to meet someone you like BETTER.

Getting out there and dating again is not enough. What if you go on a date 5 weeks after your break up and you dislike the person. You might come home feeling even more discouraged, missing your ex again and maybe even end up texting him. This is why it’s important to keep dating UNTIL you meet someone you like more than your ex. It might happen quickly or it might take longer than you’d like. When you do finally meet the right one, you will be so happy, enchanted and thankful that it didn’t work out with your ex that not only you will start forgetting them, you might even send them a thank you card.


Annie Chana Newman

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