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This matters more than first impressions

Are first impressions important?

In the world or dating, we are often told that first impressions are important. They may be, but one could argue that until a couple is married and even beyond, they will always need to impress each other to keep the relationship as great as possible. If a person is well liked on a first date but acts very badly on the 5th date, it won’t matter if they made a good first impression!

There is another issue we forget to discuss altogether. How important is impressing our date? Of course it matters, but to what degree? What if the person isn’t enchanted by their date and don’t seem to appreciate all their great qualities? What if they start to hint that they don’t want to continue meeting this person? Should one accept and move on or try to impress them even further?

Some people try to impress their date by showing just the right level of interest and not be pushy. They make sure the conversations stay as interesting as possible. They discuss recent trips or outings with friends so that the other person can see just how much fun they are. They wear their best outfits and makeup and maybe even start a diet. They do everything they can to impress the other person. They want to be chosen.

Are all these efforts necessary? Yes, but only if the other person appreciates them! If you are dating someone who takes your good qualities for granted, it’s best to move on and meet a person who recognizes your great attributes. If you try to impress them, it should only be to enhance the relationship and not because you are trying to convince someone to continue meeting you.

A person can save a lot of time and energy by choosing to date people who like them and appreciate them instead of constantly trying to impress them. In a good marriage, both partners should always strive to be their best, but it will be for productive and satisfying reasons, not because they are trying to get chosen! After all, you’re a great catch and should be with someone who knows it!


Annie Chana Newman

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