• Annie Newman

You don’t attract weirdos, you keep them!

We’ve all been there. Trying to wonder why in the world we keep attracting weirdos! Stop right there and breathe a sigh of relief: you don’t attract weirdos. You may be guilty though of keeping them!

Anyone who has ever joined a dating app might draw in messages from unusual matches, but they’re not targeted towards you specifically, they’re most probably sending those messages to 10 other people at the same time. So why do you sometimes feel like you are the one doing something wrong?

The answer is that it’s perfectly fine to get attention, be asked out, or receive messages from people you consider a bit off, what is not OK is that you keep interacting with them!

Did you ever get a text from a match that seemed rude, inappropriate or just plain weird? That’s actually completely normal! Just don’t keep answering that person every time they text you. Did you ever go on a date with someone who you liked in general but they made a really hurtful or unusual comment? That’s fine and completely normal, we don’t control other people’s behavior. What’s not too normal is to continue meeting with this person, shrugging off that extreme comment or behavior as OK because we think maybe it’s not as bad as we thought. Or, that maybe it was your fault they said or did what made you so uncomfortable or unhappy.

So next time you interact or meet someone that you consider bizarre, mean, or freaky, remember that it’s perfectly fine and not your fault at all. Just don’t forget that you don’t need to keep them around!

Cheers to meeting the one who you will love all their qualities and quirks, including the weird ones!


Annie Chana Newman

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