• Annie Newman

You follow your intuition in everything except in dating

Do you feel like you usually have a pretty good intuition? You generally follow it and its powerful influence leads you to make many important decisions. Yet, there is one aspect of your life that you probably don't follow your intuition in: dating.

Why? Have you ever heard of the famous expression that 'love is blind'? In many cases, it's true. You probably dated many people that you knew in your heart were not good for you, or perhaps were not treating you well, but you didn't follow your intuition and you stayed in the relationship.

The reason for this is because when we like someone, we often find excuses for their behavior or excuses for not leaving the relationship because there is something about them that we like so much and are somewhat mesmerized by them. We feel that there is a certain aspect of them that is so attractive and fear not to find it again in future matches. Or, we fear being single again and don't want to go through the whole meeting new people game again.

In the vast majority of cases, if you can rise above your fears of not meeting someone that you like as much as your current partner, or if you accept the thought of being temporarily single again, by putting these feelings aside and listening to your intuition, you will always know in your heart if someone is right for you. No need for advice from anyone. There is nothing wrong with trying to obtain guidance from others but in reality, if you need to ask others if someone is good for you, you probably already know the answer.

So next time you wonder if your intuition is right, the answer is yes!


Annie Chana Newman

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