• Annie Newman

You're single because you're great!

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

There is absolutely no reason to feel discouraged if you're not currently in a relationship. You will be soon! You're single because you're great!

Broke up with that guy who wasn't treating you well? Great! Some people stay with someone who doesn't treat them right. You broke up with someone because you gave it a real chance and couldn't develop any further feelings for them? Great! You want to live with someone you have a connection with! He ghosted you and you didn't run after him to get back together? Great! You have some self-respect! It's taking longer than usual to find your mate? Great! That's because you're looking for someone special and don't just want to date someone for the sake of dating.

Do you know why that guy who asked you out is still single? Because he's great too! Because he didn't want to settle for anything less than you and he was looking for you. And if he hasn't found you yet, get out there and do everything you can to let that great guy find his great girl! That's you!


Annie Chana Newman

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